Aircraft Fleet Management

Aircraft Fleet Management & Reliability Program

SWAT has developed and executed aircraft fleet reliability programs for a variety of on-demand aircraft charter and transport aircraft. Our aircraft fleet management programs have proven success in reliability and value. As the client, you have the assurance of cost control, unparalleled warranty coverage, substantial decreases in fleet downtime and expenditures related to unscheduled fuel leak repairs. We have dedicated tech support available to you over the phone or online troubleshooting of your specific aircraft fuel system issues.

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Reliable and Dependable

ASTAR Air Cargo utilized Southwest Airframe & Tank Services (S.W.A.T.) as a first time vendor on 1/22/10. During the year of 2010 we utilized S.W.A.T thirty-one (31) different times for in-tank fuel cell services on our DC8 fleet.

S.W.A.T performed on-call fuel cell maintenance twenty-four (24) times at our CVG maintenance base and seven (7) times at our MCO maintenance station. During the times we used S.W.A.T in 2010, they had a first time fix rate on ASTAR aircraft of 100% (no call backs or warranty claims).

Their standard costs for in-tank repairs in 2010 were 11% higher than the other companies we previously utilized for in-tank fuel cell work. Yet, with a 100% first time fix rate, we were able to over come the ll% increase by saving over $20k in 2010 for in-house costs of travel expenses for warranty claims on work performed by our previous fuel cell in-tank service providers.

S.W.A.T exceeded our previous fuel cell in-tank service providers not only in first time fix rates but also in response time. On each of the jobs for 2010,they were on-site and in-tank within 24 hours of the originating call. They performed flawlessly in all kinds of weather conditions and their communication skills and teamwork with our existing
station personnel was outstanding.

My suggestion to our CASS Board is that we continue to utilize Southwest Airframe & Tank Services (S.W.A.T.) as our primary in-tank fuel cell service provider for 2011.

Myron L. Hoffman
Manager Reliability/CASS Chairman
ASTAR Air Cargo