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Onsite Airframe Structural Maintenance & Repair

S.W.A.T. Inc. offers comprehensive, onsite, Airframe Structural maintenance and repair services to its customers.
Our airframe structural services are rated for all makes and models of aircraft through Repair Station and A&P / IA Technicians.
Our professional, knowledgeable staff can assist you with the following:

  • Airframe repairs of all types such as doubler installations, wing spar, rib, & skin repairs.
  • Repair of flight or ground incidents. .
  • DER Engineering Services.
  • FAA Approved Machine Shop available.
  • A.E.R.O. – 24/7 Emergency Response Teams
  • Scheduled maintenance / structural inspections.
  • Corrosion inspection, removal and repairs.
  • Aircraft specific shoring & support system manufacture and rental.
  • Wing de-mates, plank removal & reinstallation.